Nusa Penida

1 Day

Diving Information

  • Type of dive: drift, marine biology, deep, photography
  • Depth: 5 – 40 meters
  • Visibility: 5 -50 meters
  • Current: moderate to very strong, unpredictable, down current
  • Temperature: 18 – 27 degrees

Included Information

  • Transport in the air-conditioned bus (to/from) your hotel and the Dive Center
  • Lunch and drinks
  • English, French, Chinese, or Indonesian-speaking dive guide, other languages may be available on request
  • Full set of diving equipment rental (Aqualung)
  • 12L aluminium tanks with K-valve/international valve and weights included

Additional Information

  • Dive in small groups (Ratio 4 divers to 1 Guide/Instructor)
  • Dive sites were chosen and appropriate for divers’ experience level
  • Boat dives (backroll entry)
  • 15L tank available on request
  • Adherence to safety rules and recommendations (emergency oxygen, first aid kit)
  • Non-diving companion welcome
  • Snorkelling possible
  • Emergency Oxygen and First Aid available on the boat

Scuba Diving in Nusa Penida is a world-renown Island located in Bali, Indonesia and is famous diving location famed for its Manta Rays and Mola Mola (Oceanic Sunfish). The days trip to Nusa Penida will depart from Sanur at 8:30 am, which gives us plenty of time to get to the first dive site, Manta Point.
At Manta Point, we will get ready and head into the Water to find the impressive Manta Rays that can sometimes be more than 4 metres wide. There is a cleaning station located here, that is very popular for these Manta Rays to come.

After some spectacular diving in Manta Point, we have a short boat ride which is about 30 mins to the West side of the Island to Crystal Bay, here we go on the search for the impressive Mola Mola (Oceanic Sunfish). This wonderous marine life can grow to around 3 metres tall, which is enormous; they are docile and beautiful to watch. The best time of year to catch a glimpse of the Mola Mola (Oceanic Sunfish) is between July and October.

After searching for Mola Mola, we head up to the north of Nusa Penida to experience and exhilarating drift dive and explore the pristine Coral Reefs and the abundance of Marine Life.

All dive locations and dive sites will be based on your certification level and overall diving experience to ensure that you get the best possible dives. During your time in Nusa Penida, we will have 2 – 3 dives, based on conditions, enjoy a wonderfully prepared lunch that will be served on the boat, generally after the 2nd dive.
We can guarantee that you will have a fantastic time diving in Nusa Penida, with its varied marine life and a vast number of incredible dive sites.

The water conditions and temperature can vary a little bit, but generally, conditions are excellent, with cold thermoclines helping to wash away particles, allowing the sunlight to penetrate deep and allowing the Coral Reef to flourish.

Dive Sites

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Nusa Penida

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